Terms and Conditions

We welcome you to the INVEST GODS website which you can access through the https://www.investgods.com.

All questions or possible interpretations about these Terms and Conditions should be raised through the email: info@investgods.com.

These Terms and Conditions also constitute the agreement between INVEST GODS and users and all of its content serves as a regulation of the use of the website and will apply, without exception, to all users.

INVEST GODS hereinafter referred to as “INVEST GODS” accessible through the https://www.investgods.com address is an entity dedicated to the provision of information services related to exchange rates, namely, position sharing, forex course and online monitoring.


I – Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions / Consent

Before using the services of the website, you must read, understand, and accept these Terms and Conditions.

By accessing the website, you consent to the terms and conditions of the website and agree to respect them.

If you do not agree to the Terms or any updates thereof, you must not use the website, or subscribe to any service provided by INVEST GODS. If in doubt, you can contact us at info@investgods.com.


II – General Conditions

INVEST GODS  reserves its right to refuse to provide the services or sell any products to any user, person or entity, without having to provide any kind of justification.

All users, by using the website or purchasing any of our services or products, undertake not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, or transmit any of the information or materials received or acquired, without the express authorization of INVEST GODS under penalty of filing their lawsuit.

Violation or non-compliance with any content of the terms and conditions set forth will trigger the automatic expulsion of the user from the website, cancellation of the contracted service and/or the entire universe of INVEST GODS services, without the right to refund or reconsideration.

These Terms and Conditions of Use of the Service are valid from the moment you subscribe to and use INVEST GODS services and until the Terms and Conditions are amended.


III – Privacy Policy

In compliance with the law and meeting the requirements of its users, followers, service providers and employees and the value of a relationship of trust with the market, INVEST GODS has approved a demanding policy of protection of personal data that can be consulted through the website under “Privacy Policy”.


IV – Responsibility

INVEST GODS is not responsible for any economic losses that may arise from the use of our Services.

All information provided by INVEST GODS both on the website and/or on its Services, has a purely pedagogical and informative purpose and should not be regarded as financial advice or financial intermediation.

The user is fully responsible for the financial results obtained based on the use of the information and shares provided by INVEST GODS committing itself to not claim, by any means, the liability of INVEST GODS  for losses or financial gains arising from the subscription of any services.


V – Payments

Payments must be made through the means that the website provides, when buying or subscribing to any service.

After the completion of any purchase or subscription, it is immediately impossible to add or change the associated Tax Identification Number, to which the respective electronic invoice will be processed.

Within the legal limits, payments are non-refundable and returns are not allowed.

Considering the nature of the products marketed by INVEST GODS, no returns of the same as well as any refund requests are accepted once the due payments have been made and the products are delivered to the user/buyer.


VI – Comments, Feedbacks and Multimedia Content

Messages, feedback, or content sent by users to INVEST GODS, whether through a website and/or email, consent to such content being shared or used by us in any way that is useful to the company, without restriction.

Users may not claim from INVEST GODS any amounts under the exposure, disclosure or sharing of communications and feedback, unless Users revoke their consent by requesting that their communication, comment, testimonial and feedback be removed by contacting INVEST GODS directly via email:  info@investgods.com.


VII – Risk associated with INVEST GODS services and products 

INVEST GODS  informs that investment in Forex/CFDs and Other Derivatives markets is highly speculative and carries a high level of risk. It is possible to lose all the invested capital.

The products marketed are not suitable for all users and the latter shall ensure that they understand the associated risks.

Users should seek clarification, in everything that they cannot obtain information through the website.

INVEST GODS advises that you speculate only with disposable funds.


VIII – Changes to the Terms and Conditions of Use

INVEST GODS reserves the right at any time to update or change any part of these Terms and Conditions.

Your use of this website or any of our services after posting any changes to our Terms and Conditions constitutes an acceptance of the new version thereof.


IX – Applicable law 

These Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted and governed in the current National and European Legislation.

Any dispute, controversy, or complaint in relation to these Terms and Conditions should be the subject of an attempt to resolve out of court, avoiding, at all costs, the judicial means, using, in the last instance, the Portuguese Courts.


X – Contacts

If you need help with the Terms and Conditions or have questions about the terms, we would like you to speak to us.

You can contact us by email info@investgods.com.